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UPDATE 10/05/2011: 10Foot has now been released.

10Foot was sentenced to 24 Months imprisonment for 100,000 of Graffiti Vandalism [18/11/2010].

I read this story published by the London Vandal and was very disheartened to hear such shocking news.

The London State has feasted on the admiration for Banksy globally, it has justified many 'Street Artists' to bask in their actions. 10Foot is an Artist (of course he will never express this) in as many, if not more ways, than the rest. He has reacted honestly to his environment and made a stand in what he believes in. There are a few great Artists in history that have done the same, to magnificent acclaim.

The political hypocrisy and social degradation I have become accustomed to, growing up in London, has now become the norm. Lost is humanity and civil liberty, to corporate and capitalistic tendencies, overwhelming most, if not all, but the select few who are permitted.

Not only was 10Foot's sentence unjustified and inappropriate, as rightly said by Graffoto here, it is unbelievable 10Foot was sentenced so severely when another case of a Man, with a history of sexual offences, received a sentence of only 1 year for sexually assaulting an 86 year old woman on a train... I can't imagine the damage done is in any way comparable...

Here's to 10FOOT, All City London King!

Free 10Foot dedication submitted by Duoe: Free 10Foot by Duoe.

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