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Meeting of Styles 2010

Spanning the weekend of 20-22/08/2010, The Meeting of Styles has once again brought together some highly respected international writers along with some of London's finest to produce exceptional pieces of work, with top sounds and a very respectable turn out. All the very best to you all!

Fat Cap.16-19/08/2010

The preparation by EndoftheLine, Work by Probs and Madc...
Some initial shots of the main walls, also possibly the most setup photo i've ever taken!

Tube Outline.20/08/2010

Organised by EndoftheLine.
Initial layouts and outlines from some of the featured artists at Meeting of Styles 2010.

Dark Funk. Bonzai and Ghetto Farceur.21/08/2010

Da Mental Vaporz, Ghetto Farceur, Bonzai, Tizer, Probs, MadC, 3Steps...
Amazing work produced, great diversity of technique, sensational collaborations and some of the best Graffiti Art in London..

The Meeting of Styles 2010.28/08/2010

The final artworks...
The Meeting of Styles was an incredible event featuring great artists. Here are all the final pieces in their full glory!

The Meeting of Styles 2009

Spanning the weekend of 08/06/2009, The Meeting of Styles began serious writing, almost daily, across Sclater Streets' building hoardings.

Sclater Street.08/06/2009

Asisym, Bonsai, Busk, Does, Insa, Inkie...
A collection of finished pieces after the first weekend. Many international writers were involved as well some of Londons best.

Ink Fetish. Sclater Street.17/06/2009 - 26/08/2009

Amuk, Doze, Krane, Ink Fetish, Sewda, Snoe, Tizer, Zomby...
Some great work photographed during 2009, featuring some of the best in London.

Buffed. Sclater Street.27/09/2009

Berner, Keen One, Pheks, The Buff & 10Foot...
Some of the last standing pieces and throw ups before the developers, made it a criminal offence to paint on any of the boards.


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