LDN Graffiti.

The Battle of Waterloo 2012

The annual graffiti battle of London based writers in the old tunnel in Leake Street.
Congratulations to the winners, well done to everyone involved, especially to Chrome & Black who organised the event.

Set 1

Image, Sycoe, Fyanz, Robbo, Tek33, Seay, Care, Eska, Dek, Airborne Mark, Demo, Dregh and more...

Set 2

Wesa, Dem, Neist, Ventza, Mis Red, Cuso, ICB1, Slam, Crept, Met, Math, Maps, Dams, Pow, Cyrys and more...

Set 3

Chock, Syrup, Bint, Reznick, Drift, Trolka, Skits, GlimmerTwin, She1, Rem, Candie, Solo, Trev, Ces, Dis, Tease, SkyHigh, Leo, Case, Isla, SHS and more...

The Winners

Winners of all the categories...


Additional photo's of a great day organised by Chrome & Black.

WIth so many writers attending, i've done my best to credit as many pieces as possible, please get in contact if i've made any errors... apologies if i have.

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