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Art Is Not a Crime 1977-1987

DATE: 27/09/18 TO 18/11/18
LOCATION: CEART - Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente. Calle Leganés, 51., Calle Leganés, 51. Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain


Art Is Not a Crime 1977-1987 is the first major retrospective devoted to the works of photographer and documentary-maker Henry Chalfant (U.S.A., 1940), the greatest ambassador of graffiti culture. This project celebrates the 35th anniversary of the premiere of his legendary documentary, Style Wars, and the publication of the book, Subway Art. It is thanks to these pieces of work that the entire world came to know of the existence hip-hop culture, and of graffiti on subway cars. Both forever changed the ways of understanding, experiencing and relating to art in the city. The exhibition was born as a tribute, with the intention of showcasing his character and work, a true visual anthropology of an artistic movement - graffiti - which has transformed the urban landscape and the contemporary culture of the past decades.

Thank you, Henry, for being a mentor to all of us - SUSO33

Visitor Information:
27 September – 18 November 2018
Galleries A, A1,B.
Opening times: Monday – Sunday (5pm-9pm)
Admission: FREE
T + 34 91 4921120

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