LDN Graffiti.


DATE: 05/09/18 to 15/09/18
LOCATION: Hosted by RISEgallery. Croydon, London


This September, Croydon will host RISEfestival, London's newest and largest international urban art festival.

RISEfestival is a celebration of the globally recognised movement that is urban art. In a short time, this increasingly popular art form has not only caught the imagination of people around the world but has grown its identity with visual diversity at an incredible rate. It is becoming harder to find a town or city in any part of the world that doesn't feature some form of urban or street art.

Urban art prides itself on being for the people because it isn't confined to the constraints of interior walls that are often hidden inside a museum or gallery. Due to the work being on display in the streets – 24/7 – urban art is not only accessible to all but continues to evolve organically at an amazing rate. Those who know have seen how urban art can build a sense of place for an area, also helping to affirm its identity. This kind of art can truly reflect and represent its community, with a diverse approach that means most people will find something that they find aesthetically pleasing.

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