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Tipping Point - Charming Baker

DATE: 03/04/17 to 16/04/17
LOCATION: JEALOUS East, 53 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3PT


Jealous are delighted to be teaming up with The Big Issue once more for a special artist led edition from Jealous favourite Charming Baker.

Built on a theme of Tipping Point, the special edition of the magazine will feature an array of British visual art heavyweights, all contributing unique and bespoke work.

The theme itself comes from Charming Baker. There are, he said, key decisive moments that lives can hinge on, moments that can tip things up or down. The Big Issue vendors know more keenly than most how delicate the balance can be, and how quickly that tipping point can have negative, or down the road, positive effect.

In honour of the art special edition, Charming Baker has reached out to the Art World and asked individuals to delve into their work archives and pick a piece of art representing a 'Tipping Point'. The contributors assembled from Charming Baker's vast contact book reads like a who's-who of Brit Art and fashion. They include Jonathan Yeo, Sir Peter Blake, Rachel Howard, Hugo Wilson, Antony Micallef, Mat Collishaw, Keith Tyson, Sue Webster & Tim Noble, David Shrigley and Sir Paul Smith. It's testament to The Big Issue's value in British society that these, and many others, signed up straight away to do what they could to get involved.

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