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Blog updates in 2016

Ventures out and about, featuring streets, walls, halls of fame, exhibitions and just about anything found in and around London.

Gonzo.LDN Events updated - 07/12/2016

New events including the GONZO group show at London Westbank, Christiaan Nagel's Mushroom Shop in Shoreditch, GOLD at BSMT gallery and more in London.

Assemblage.LDN Events updated - 30/11/2016

New events including Assrmblage at Stolenspace, Brockley Street Art, RISE gallery, Upfest Book Launch, Twenty Sixteen, Ant Carver, Gonzo Group Show and more in London.

Lurkers.LDN Events updated - 17/11/2016

New events including Soho Takeover, The right side of the tracks, Finok at Lazarides, 'Wear your art on your sleeve', Lurking in London, Twenty Sixteen and more in London.

SAVE YOURSELVES.LDN Events updated - 10/11/2016

New events including The Distinct Sound of Laughter... Elmo Hood, Wet Proof Series and more in London.

SAVE YOURSELVES.LDN Events updated - 04/11/2016

New related events including BRICK POTATO, POTATO BRICK, The Distinct Sound of Laughter... Soho Takeover, Lucy Sparrow, Jason Woodside, Elmo Hood, Nathan Bowen and more in London.

SAVE YOURSELVES.LDN Events updated - 14/10/2016

New related events including SAVE YOURSELVES at Stour Space, Gustavo Ortiz at Pure Evil Gallery, Pinspired, Golgo, Bault, and more...

30 Years at Trellick Tower.30 Years at Trellick Tower - 01/10/2016

Chrome and Black recently organised a 30 year anniversary celebration jam of graffiti art at Trellick Tower in west London.

Outsider Gallery.LDN Events updated - 01/10/2016

New related events including OUTSIDER Gallery, Conor Harrington, GraffitiStreet, Gary X Pref, Bag of Tricks, Out of Line, One Year Underground, Moniker Art Fair, SAVE YOURSELVES and more...

DSCREET.DONE X DSCREET Exclusive T-shirt release

10AM, 02/09/16 - Exclusive T-shirt from DSCREET by DONE LONDON drops 10AM 02/09/16!

Darren John.LDN Events updated - 01/09/2016

New related events including Darren John at Boxpark, RAW+, Rich Simmons, Trapped in Zone One's Secret Sale, PDX > LDN, Fountayne Road Open Day, 10 Years Later, and OUTSIDER Gallery.

Senor X.LDN Events updated - 18/08/2016

New related events including Pyramid Oracle, Alaniz, Senor X, Zevs, Oker, Chroma Form and more in London...

Pure Evil.LDN Events updated - 29/06/2016

New related events including LATA Street Art Festival, Do One Cancer - Graffiti Jam, Technicoloured Irreverence, Pure Evil, Skan, Otto Schade, Print till U die, and more in London...

New Street Art.LDN Events updated - 30/05/2016

New related events including New Street Art book launch, Ali Hamish, Part One TDS at Chrome & Black, The Nasty TKid, Capital Slang, Tip-Top Pop-Up, Child Free Labour Charity event and more in London...

P.I.C.Graffiti, Street Art and Stickers - 10/04/2016

RIP Doug. Seeds One, Laurini, Bambi, Mageul, Don, Ronzo, Villasana, Beastie, Extinction Symbol, 12B, Citizen Kane, Alo, David Shard, Neoh, Freedom Kult, Nathan Bowen, Unify, AutoOne, Noriaki, P.I.C. and more.

Run.London Walls and Shutters - 10/04/2016

Featuring Loretto, Shok1, Shine Quest, Onesto, Dan K, Mr Cenz, Aseb, Neist, Lily Mixe, Jim Vision, Muretz, Caratoes, D*Face, Dale Grimshaw, Eloh, Party, Run and more.

Neas.London Graffiti - 10/04/2016

Featuring Elmo, Gold Peg, Yowsa, 2Rise, Oust, Jam, Lost Boys, Met, Crept, Fund, Code, SFL, Ment, 4CE, Heato, P.I.C., F.Two, Rors, Hitman, Stiz, Neas and more.

King Robbo RIP.Markfield Park Graffiti - 10/04/2016

Featuring Arxs, Doom, Relay, Krooks, Flesh, Seeds One, Pad1, Ofske, Detsh, Veg, 2Two, Twice, Diet, Sime, Seige, Priest, 4Sife, Sparta, Fund, Emzy, Lyst, 2Rise, SLeaf, Brent, Aseb, Lone, Akt One, Spedy and more.

Space Invader.Space Invader in London - 10/04/2016

New Street art by Invader in London...

Ben Eine.Eine in Shoreditch - 10/04/2016

Street Art by Ben Eine in Shoreditch, London.

Eine.LDN Events updated - 10/04/2016

New art related events including The Nasty TKid 170, Paul Insect, Ben Eine, Maser, Fanakapan, Ben Allen, Ceres and GMoney, Kraken Collective, Meeting of Styles 2016 and more...

ARTA.ARTA, the GRAFFITI App - Summer Launch

ARTA has become a scrapbook for me, a digital platform that still pays respect to the nostalgic era of graffiti the I love so much" - Goldie

DJ Krush.WIN 2 tickets to DJ Krush @ Electric Brixton

WIN 2 tickets to see DJ Krush, with support from Free The Robots and Attica Blues, at Electric Brixton on the 19th March 2016... Enter the exclusive Soundcrash competition now!

Darren John.LDN Events updated - 24/02/2016

New exhibitions & events including Midnight Madness X C.A.C Collective Launch Party & Exhibition, Darren John at Proof London, Secret Walls and more in London

Doodleman.LDN Events updated - 15/02/2016

New exhibitions & events including The Doodleman at Hoxton Gallery, Artisitic Fusion at Monty's Bar and more in London.

Banksy.Banksy street art in London - 08/02/2016

Banksy's iconic 'Hoody Haring Dog' and 'Les Miserables' have both recently been removed, and maybe more will soon be lost...

Paul Insect.Graffiti, Street Art & Stickers #1 - 08/02/2016

Featuring Paul insect, Nemo, Tek33, Rowdy, Sweet Toof, Sunny, Plin, StinkFish, MOBSTR, A.CE, Ubangibangi, Seeds One, 616, Skullphone, Hogre, Iljin, Oré, Gregos and more.

HNRXGraffiti, Street Art & Stickers #2 - 08/02/2016

Featuring WRDSMTH, Natasha Deacon, Mr Fahrenheit, LZR, Mister Sketch, HNRX, 23Magpies, Cavebear, Stewy, Husky, Hoot Owl, PTAK, Clet Abraham, Anna Laurini, Endless, Look-up, StrikeMag and more.

Tizer.London Graffiti #1 - 08/02/2016

Featuring Jive, Sterling, Ace, Panik, Hit, Lone, Erns, Goodchild, Sure, Nigel, Dowt, Intro, Leet, Pups, T32, Earo, Moe, Boms, Hdog, Skore, Zomby, Chik, 2Rise, Yan, Ever, Spat, Tizer, Snoe, Kev, BRK and more.

Flem, Sanke.London Graffiti #2 - 08/02/2016

Featuring tracksides, THL House, Fume, Jaya, Per, Soeta, LWI, Oker, Shogi, Jam, Rels, 42, Bord, Heat, Phes, Norf, Isew, 10Foot, Swae, Ace, Nema, Futa, Potek, Tesko, Sanke, Flem, Fatso, Depo and more.

Sparta.London Graffiti Spots - 08/02/2016

Featuring Faver, Arxs, Zime SOL, Skire, Ludvig, Leet, Isue, Slam, Spat, Crane, Crept, Tase, Fact, Zorg, Floe, Poke, Lone, Sparta, Daps, Eblitz Ders, Oust, Roten, Heatoh, Vibes, Rais, Olas, Four and more.

Mr Cenz.London Walls and Shutters - 08/02/2016

Featuring DecoTreco, Stenz, Teddy Baden, Hunto, Stik, Zabou, Cenz, StinkFish, The Lost Souls, HNRX, Dan Kitchener, Pollo Loco, Frankie Strand, InkFetish and more.

XX.LDN Events updated - 08/02/2016

New exhibitions & events including EndoftheLine 10 year Retrospective, Secret Walls, A decade of Lazarides, Synergy, XX, Dan Kitchener, DJ Krush at Electric Brixton and more in London.

Benjamin Murphy.LDN Events updated - 11/01/2016

New exhibitions & events including Benjamin Murphy's 'Gilded Chaos', Rugman at Saatchi Gallery, The Art Bastard Show, West Bank's BIG BANG and more in London.

Senor X.London in Context 2015 - 01/01/2016

Contextual pieces and photography of graffiti and street art in London featuring Aida, Sénor X, MOBSTR, LWI, Stika, Run, Moolah, Evol, Amara Por Dios, Dan Kitchener, Jonesy, Vermibus, Zabou, Hope, Dscreet, Fatso, Masai, Invader, Vinie, Fanakapan and more.

Zomby.London Graffiti 2015 - 01/01/2016

Featuring Drax, Acet, Panik, Cos, Zomby, Rate, Yan, Chik, Trane, Met, Crept, Dasr, Pref, Roids, Type, T32, Pad, Faver, Neas, Neoh, Flem, Diet, Skoe, SkyHigh, Snatch, Zaki Dee, InkFetish, Goodchild, Soeta, TRP, Mighty Mo, Jam, Vibes, Rels, Dazer, Meker, Ders, Hozae, Corze, Merc, Tizer, 2Rise, Kaes, Core, Owed, AktOne, Spat, Reach, Dkae, Crok, Hekla, Deft, Dorps, Pubes, Tox, Akit, PIC WRH, Heato, Lurkers, Sterling, Revs and more.

Eine.London Street Art 2015 - 01/01/2016

Featuring 12–B, Dr Zadok, Malarky, Shillinglaw, Eine, Hunto, Irony, Jim Vision, Sliks, Bailon, Jimmy C, Coe One, Party, Thierry Noir, Invader, Shok1, Sweet Toof, Fan, TAG, Nathan Bowen, Amppartto, Himbad, Pure Evil, Sénor X, PichiAvo, Trust.iCon, MOBSTR, 616, Nylon, PINS, Panik, Gnasher, Zabou, Dotmasters, Don, T.Wat, Onesto and more.

Tex.Events and Exhibitions 2015 - 01/01/2016

A few highlights from some of the many exhibitions and events held in London featuring The Battle of Waterloo, Meeting of Styles, The Cult of Rammellzee, Gamma Proforma, Manorism, Rarekind Super Market, Sweet Toof, Drips and Runs, and more.

2015.LDNGraffiti Image Mosaic 2015

462 'bits from the blog' selected from 5,494 photos posted in 2015!

Banksy.The LDN 'Where is Banksy?' Competition

The competition is now closed and winners will be announced soon!

Benjamin Murphy.LDN Events updated - 01/01/2016

New exhibitions & events including Rugman at Saatchi Gallery, Benjamin Murphy's 'Gilded Chaos', Life Work - Martha Cooper, and more in London.

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