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Banksy's 'Balloon Girl' has left the building...

Here's a photo sequence of the recent removal of Banksy's 'Balloon Girl' piece from east London...

The 'Stealing Banksy?' exhibition

Banksy's 'Balloon Girl', and 7 other pieces, now removed from walls around the UK, will be exhibited in the heart of London in April, and then sold at auction. Some of the other pieces on show are:

Old School

'Old School' by Banksy.

No Ball Games

'No Ball Games' by Banksy.

Sperm Alarm

'Sperm Alarm' by Banksy.

Here's the details about the 'Stealing Banksy?' exhibition, organised by The Sincura Group', opening on 24th April at ME London.

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'Stealing Banksy?' will be on from 24th April, until the 27th at ME London...