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LDNGraffiti Highlights from 2013

I posted over 6,000 photos on the site this year, sorry I couldn't feature them all... Here's 30 of my personal highlights from 2013... Click the photos to view larger, and use the links to see more...

Nekst RIP, by Roid

A tribute to the sad passing of Nekst, Mad Society King, by Roid, at Stockwell Hall of Fame.

Street Art Story by Pablo Delgado

A sequence of daily updates from Pablo Delgado, on the Village Underground wall in East London, kept me busy for a week in January.

Lister, Dscreet, and Aeon Fly

A classic collaboration by Lister, Dscreet, and Aeon, found in Dalston.

Stop the National Health Service cuts!

The London Temperance Hospital opened in 1873 and was incorporated into the NHS in 1948. It was closed in 1990, and has been considered for redevelopment, yet is still left abandoned to this day.

'Once upon a time…' Street Art Story by MOBSTR

MOBSTR's story with the 'Buffers' started in October 2012, and concluded in February 2013. It featured 7 interventions from MOBSTR, and many more from the buffers, and cost me lots of lunch breaks!

Tizer's Solo Show at Pure Evil Gallery

Great canvas based work by Tizer, a genial London writer with talent abound! A very memorable opening at Pure Evil's gallery in East London, probably the best opening ever, according to all those Heinekens…

'Shrine' in West London

Unfortunately I don't know who did this piece, but I felt It made a great photo, and appropriate for the old Hall of Fame in West London.

Street signs from MOBSTR

A nice placement from MOBSTR in East London…

Margaret Thatcher RIP

I don't visit the Tunnel in Waterloo as much as I should, for some reason one lunch break I thought to cycle down and check it out, this is what was up for that one day. British Rail buffed the piece the following day… A timely statement from the artists Born-SkyHigh.

Zombie Jam at Stockwell Hall of Fame

Among the many great pieces produced at the 'Zombie Jam', this was a classic portrait of BoJo, by Irony.

String Street Art by Perspicere

Perspicere, the (Latin) present active infinitive of Perspicio = 'I see through something'… or something like that, I've no idea about latin, but I did really like this piece from the artist 'Perspicere' at Red Market, in East London.

'Scream' at the Kingsland Estate

I understand how this extinguisher piece was done, but still somehow defies my logic… A great spot in East London, now lost to the developers…


I used to photograph the car park in Holywell Lane regularly, for some reason? the owners of the space decided to ban photographers, leaving the space undocumented ever since… What's that all about, and what is street art anyway? Maybe I should get a car…

Personally, I found this very disheartening, I can see no justification for this action. The bloke in the security box used to greet me like a fellow Hobbit, now he's more like Gollum. The piece by Malabrocca(?) at Village Underground really did emphasise the absurdity of the decision.

Heyday at the Heygate...

The Heygate Estate, in Elephant & Castle, has now been sealed off for redevelopment. Throughout 2012/13 it became a haven for writers and artists, creating one of my favourite spaces in London. This photo captured a lot for me, so much great graff there, I couldn't pick just one piece…

Skater at 'The Spot', Tottenham

Markfield Park, an old legal spot in North London, one of the first places I ever photographed, now maintained, preserved, and developed by the dedicated local Writers, BMXers and Skaters.

Dr Zadok in East London

Earlier this year Dr Zadok produced a great piece in the wasted space along Pedley Street, off Brick Lane.

'Octophant' by Alexis Diaz

It took La Pandilla seven? days of dedicated brush work to complete this fantastic piece, still on Hanbury Street, East London.

Morsa, South London

I try not to feature people in my photographs. I appreciate they give context, but I find them a distraction. I do like this photo though...

Shadow Street Art by Above

A great contextual piece from the US street artist Above. Best viewed at night ;) the piece played with the cast shadow from the lamp post and street sign. It was preserved under perspex for a short time, but has now been buffed.

Hackney WickEd Festival

A welcome return to the Hackney WickEd festivals, and nice chilled piece from 616 and the old Lord Napier pub got a battering from RSH as well…

Massive madness from MadC in London

Fantastic, huge, abstract wall in East London, and a great photo opportunity… MadC's talents are boundless, check out the 500/700 walls if you haven't already!

PantOne in West London

Hypnotic Psychedelia in West London.

The Rolling People

A classic wall from Cept, Snoe, and BRK in East London, presenting all that's important to TRP. Yeah!

fat! FAT / Policeman

One of those perfect moments… He even waved!

Hunto and Millo

A great collaboration between Hunto and Millo, combining technique and concepts. GlobalStreetArt has done a great job this year gaining artists permission to the building hoardings along Brick Lane!


Part of a fantastic production along Brick Lane in November, this piece really stood out for me. A great concept from Odisy.

Love LonDon

Unknown figures, Don, and me, hanging around in dark alleys again!

Deft, North London

I like the timing of this photo. A nice clean dub by Deft, and seems to be (happily) jumping off the roof!

Graffoggy day in North London

The atmosphere at Markfield Park was serene, trains trundling around in the background, nobody else, just me, graff, and the fog!

Hope for 2014!

Taken in Kentish Town on a cold night, fiddling with my camera phone… The train and bus arrived at 18:15, but whether they ever meet again, I doubt! ...

Many thanks for all your support in 2013, here's to the next one!
Cheers from Team LDNGraffiti

And to never to forget the London King...


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